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Catch us on Friday, Feb. 13th at The Stone Fox.
Ole Mossy Face, along with Quichenight, will play D. Striker's RR Party. 

Ole Mossy Face is no overnight sensation. More like a wild beast that's been running loose in Nashville, Tennessee for far too long. Nashvillians who remember places like the Radio Cafe, Guido's and the Boardroom have cornered them over the years. But now, at last, they've been captured. We have the Golden Egg. Born from Emac's studio after years of sessions worked in as the best they could. Preceded by a countless nights of rehearsals and those occasional, glorious gigs. If you've caught them in action, you've been waiting for this. Ole Mossy Face's Golden Egg. You found it. ~D. Striker, Nashville, TN, 2014

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